FaxCritics is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information along with service reviews on the top companies providing online fax to email services. We help consumers and businesses find the best online fax service provider for their needs, ultimately making the decision process simple. Let FaxCritics be your primary guide in finding your next online fax to email service provider. Thanks for visiting our site!

$4.95 30 Days 500 FREE UNLIMITED

Nextiva Reviews

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$10.00 30 Days 300 FREE 1 Year

MyFax Reviews

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$12.95 NONE 1000 $9.95 30 Days

MetroFax Reviews

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$7.99 30 Days 500 FREE 30 Days

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$16.95 30 Days 130 FREE 2 Years

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How we select the online fax providers at FaxCritics

  • Each provider must offer Internet fax to email services
  • Each online fax provider must be competitively priced and deliver value
  • Each online fax provider must have no hidden service fees
  • Each online fax provider must offer technical support and customer service

Why online faxing is becoming the new standard?

Online fax service technology converts traditional facsimile transmission into a digital format, allowing internet fax users to send and receive faxes via email (online). Whether you need to fax for business or personal matters, online fax services are a more effective and cheap alternative to expensive fax lines from the local phone company. The internet fax service providers reviewed by FaxCritics have met the fax provider standards set by the FaxCritics team. Switching to an online fax solution helps users reduce costs, help the environment by reducing paper usage, increase productivity by receiving faxes anywhere in the world via email and ultimately have better control of communication with their customers by achieving better management of all faxes sent and received.

Since we have extensive experience with online fax service providers and the solutions they offer, we make it our goal to provide our readers with the most current and helpful information. Internet fax companies like Nextiva, MyFax, MetroFax, RingCentral, and eFax are providers that we have reviewed and tested. All five of these fax providers offer a free trial except for MetroFax. Before signing up for an online fax service and actually paying for the solution, at FaxCritics we recommend that you start with a free trial.

If you are looking to switch from a traditional fax machine based service from the local phone company to an online fax to email service that will help you retire your old fax machine as well as reduce costs and gain the best features, let FaxCritics guide you. Click here to view our detailed online fax provider comparison chart. We will leave the decision up to you and hope that the faxing information we deliver is valuable. Thanks for visiting our web site.

While this website is committed to providing valuable information on online fax service providers, according to our website data and feedback it is evident that a majority of our visitors are small businesses. The 5 fax providers we list are small business friendly and provide acceptable services, however at FaxCritics we have received a high number of requests for more information on leading phone service providers. This website maintains a commitment to online fax services and will not provide detailed information on phone service. If a visitor is interested in phone service or hosted private branch exchange for their small business, Nextiva should be considered. A business VoIP provider with an impressive suite of online fax services, Nextiva’s products are designed for small business. We value all FaxCritics visitors.