4 Reasons To Stop Using a Fax Machine

Fax machines are old and obsolete. The number of people that use fax machines in order to send and receive documents continues to decrease every day. Whereas in the 1980s, nearly every office required a fax machine with a line from the local phone company; today businesses are letting go of this old technology and switching to online faxing services. By switching to a fax by email solution, businesses can cut costs by up to 80% while increasing productivity. Fax machines are not cheap and fax lines from the local phone company can be unreliable.

Here Are 4 Great Reasons To Stop Using Your Fax Machine:

1. Online Fax Is Convenient: Faxes arrive immediately to your email inbox. You can send and receive messages from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

2. Online Fax Doesn’t Require The Local Phone Company: The majority of us can’t stand dealing with the local phone company. With the establishment of online faxing services, you no longer need to have a fax line from the local telephone company. All faxes are sent virtually, bypassing the local phone company line.

3. Online Fax Is Secure: Traditionally in an office, most people share a fax line since the cost of each machine and monthly payment is so high. Therefore people run the risk of having their faxes viewed by others. With online faxing services, this is no longer the case. Faxing is extremely affordable and each employee can have their own number.

4. Online Fax Is Cheap: Paying over $30 each month for a fax line to the local phone company along with hundreds of dollars per year on cartridges can become difficult and a pain. Within online faxing, people no longer need to invest in a fax machine with cartridges and they can save up to 80% on their faxing costs. Faxing is now easy and affordable.

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