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FaxCritics.com is a website dedicated to individuals, professionals, and corporations who want to find the best Internet fax provider at the best price. The FaxCritics.com team is made up of a group of experienced professionals who enjoy creating that lists head to head features of some of the top online fax services. Our rankings are based on our a combination of pricing and features. No claims are made of the quality or reliability of any of the providers. By using FaxCritics.com in your search for your next online fax company, you will be able to compare the top providers and analyze the features that are most important to you.

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The data provided on FaxCritics.com is solely for informational purposes. The FTC mandates that we inform all visitors that the information we supply is not intended to provide advice of any kind. As a visitor of FaxCritics.com we recommend that you use your own judgement when purchasing online fax service and not solely rely on the information provided by us.
FaxCritics.com receives monetary payments for advertising online fax companies on this website. The rankings, positions, opinions, and reviews of each online fax service provider is administered and controlled by the webmaster of FaxCritics.com. Please understand that we do our best to maintain accurate information, but cannot provide any guarantee of the accuracy of the information on this website.

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FaxCritics.com is commited to protecting your privacy and providing a safe online experience for all of our visitors while offering valuable and accurate Internet fax information. If for any reason you do not agree with our terms or privacy policy, please do not visit or use FaxCritics.com.

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Since we may make changes to our Privacy Policy, we highly recommend that you visit this web page periodically in order to remain current with our terms.

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The Internet fax product names, logos, and brands features on FaxCritics.com are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademarks are not affiliated with FaxCritics.com and the trademark holders displayed on FaxCritics.com do not sponsor and/or may not agree with the information we display.

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We take the satisfaction of our visitors seriously. We hope that you find the perfect Internet fax service provider on the first attempt. Keep us in the loop on how your online fax experience is and you ever have any feedback on our site, it’s content, or just want to say hi-send us an email at Feedback at FaxCritics.com. Please note that we do not sell or disclose collected email addresses to third parties.

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