Business VoIP

Business VOIP

Phone service has traditionally been dominated by AT&T and “old” phone companies. Analog phone service has maintained a perception of being expensive, annoying to use, poor in features, and simply frustrating. Due to regulations and market restrictions, businesses throughout the United States had few options (if any) when it came to selecting a new provider. Local business phone companies (due to limited competition) were able to get away with anything. Poor service, limited reliability, and unfair pricing are just a few complaints many people had.
This view is not limited to the business-side of things. Residential customers using analog phone service shared the same frustration. Until the growth of Voice over Internet Protocol technology, we all had few options. Faxing service was also limited to being provided only by the local provider.
Today, things are different. The Internet has fostered the rise of online fax services as well as business VoIP services. Businesses are benefitting from greater options when it comes to selecting a phone service provider, lower monthly costs, better features, increased reliability, and more. Essentially, there has never been a better time for small businesses when it comes to phone service.
Nearly any DSL, Cable or Fiber Internet connection will be able to support the VoIP endeavors of a small business. To make things simple, here are some of the most popular features that are included with a business VoIP service:

*Automated Attendant
*Hunt Groups
*Dial-by-Name Directory
*Call Records & Usage Statistics
*Caller ID
*911 Service

**Please note that these are just a few of many features that included with a Business VoIP service and some providers may not be able to offer the features we mentioned above.**

At FaxCritics, we aim to provide detailed information regarding online fax services. This is our goal and always has been. Visit our online fax comparison chart, for the latest comparison of the best fax companies. However, business VoIP is a popular service and we continue to receive many requests asking about VoIP services.
While we don’t have plans to recommend specific VoIP providers in the near future, we can tell you this. Nextiva is one of the best online fax providers on the market today and their fax service is just one of many small business communications services the company offers. Beyond online fax, Nextiva offers business VoIP, Hosted PBX, and SIP Trunking services. If you are looking for a business phone service provider for your office, it may be a wise decision to consider Nextiva. We may not have all the details about the quality of VoIP service Nextiva offers, but based on our experiences with their online fax services, most businesses will be pleased.

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