Convenience: A Benefit of Internet Fax

Internet fax has many great benefits. Whether you are a consumer that occasionally faxes from home or a business owner that faxes tons of pages by the hour, using a traditional fax line has become obsolete. If you are considering switching to an Internet fax service, don’t hesitate. The level of convenience that comes with an Internet fax solution is significant.
With Internet faxing, all your faxes are delivered to your email address. Therefore you can access your faxes from your computer or cell phone as long as you have access to your email account. This also means that your faxes are viewable 24 hours a day regardless of your physical location. You no longer need to be at your fax machine in order to receive a fax. Check out the FaxCritics service provider comparison chart to find the best fax provider for your needs.

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