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Online Fax Service Frequently Asked Questions

At FaxCritics.com we have gathered a list of the most popular questions regarding online fax technology. Our FAQs are based on the comments of our visitors and the experience of FaxCritics.com’s fax professionals. If you are not familiar with online fax service, this technology is used to send and receive faxes virtually rather than using traditional faxing methods (like using a fax machine). If you ever have any feedback, please send us a message at Feedback at FaxCritics.com.

What is an online fax?

Virtual fax services convert traditional facsimile content to a digital form, allowing users to send and receive faxes online. Online fax service technology allows users to throw their fax old-school fax machine in the trash and go fully digital. There’s no need to worry about cartridges, equipment, or maintenances; with online fax service all messages are sent to your email inbox. Another advantage of online fax services is that users of this technology no longer need to waste paper. Internet faxing is good for the environment and good for your wallet.

How do I send an online fax?

You can’t send an online fax until you have signed up for an Internet fax service. Therefore in order to send a fax via email, first join a fax service. Many of the leading Internet fax service providers offer an unconditional 30 day free trial. Once you have signed up for service and your service has been established, you would need to follow these steps in order to send a fax via email:

1. Compose a new message from your preferred email client.

2. Address the email to the fax number you are sending it to. For example, if you will be using Nextiva vFAX for sending the fax and want to fax something to the phone number 212.555.5555, address your email message to 12125555555@nextivafax.com.

3. Click send.

An additional point to notice is that many of the leading Internet fax service providers offer a web-based management interface in order to manage all faxing online via your customer account portal.

Do I need equipment to send an online fax?

Once you have established an Internet fax service account, the only equipment required is a computer, phone, or any other device that has access to the Internet. A scanner is helpful for cases where you need to have a paper document sent via your email to fax service.

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