Fax Provider Reviews and Complaints

There are many online fax service providers on the market. Therefore when doing research and selecting your next online fax to email service provider, please remember that you have many options. Throughout our website we do our best to provide readers with current information on some of the more popular online fax providers. Clearly there is no such thing as the “perfect” online fax company. If there was – FaxCritics would not exist and there would be no need to provide our readers with ongoing information.
At FaxCritics.com we love to hear how your experience has been using online fax services. Although our website lists Nextiva, MyFax, Metro Fax, RingCentral, and eFax – this does not mean you cannot share your experience with any other provider. We love to hear all stories and if you have a complaint, we’d like to mediate any ongoing problems. For example, if you have a complaint on Nextiva’s fax service. Simply tell us what problems you are experiencing with Nextiva’s service and we’d like to help resolve them.
Fortunately we do not come across problems with Nextiva’s service on a regular basis, but if for some reason Nextiva is causing your business problems or you’d like to file a Nextiva complaint, please inform us.
On the contrary if you’d like to praise a provider like Nextiva vFAX, let us know. We understand that people are much more likely to complain about a service rather than praise it online. Although if you have good things to share about any online fax company, make sure to leave a comment or contact us.
Use the following links to learn more about each online fax provider. Whether you’d like to complain or praise, we want your online fax review.

Nextiva Review
MyFax Review
Metro Fax Review
RingCentral Review
eFax Review

Reviews are powerful. They provide insight on a users experience with a service provider. We highly value user feedback at FaxCritics.com and would love to hear your thoughts on any online fax to email service provider.

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