Fax87 Review

Fax87 Review
Looking for an exceptional faxing service? Well, look no more. After reading this review on fax87.com’s faxing service, I’m extremely confident that you will have the knowledge and piece of mind knowing that fax87.com will fit perfectly with you or your business. Oh, did I mention you can try it for free? More on that in a few minutes.

Being used by well know companies such as Fidelity, Century 21, Caldwell Banker and Remax just to name a few, Fax87.com is your one stop location for all of your business or individual faxing requirements. Whether you are sending a single page to a single person or multiple pages to multiple people, fax87.com can handle it.

This service is leading the way for many reasons which are clear to see in the features and benefits that fax87.com provides. Some of the features that I found very useful are:

• Faxing is done by e-mail – this means anywhere with an internet connection!
• Have a smartphone? It’s compatible
• Awesome customer support to assist you
• No lengthy programs to download
• All incoming faxes saved FOREVER!
• Fax to toll free or local phone numbers
• Customizable cover page
• And many, many more features

Now let’s look at some of the enormous benefits that are provided to you to ensure you made the right choice.

• Lowest price guarantee – Yes, it sounds crazy and I didn’t believe it at first but if you can find a lower price for the same service/plan, they will beat it by 10%! I couldn’t find better.
• 100% Money back guarantee – after using the service, if you were not satisfied with fax87.com, they will give you a complete refund and pay for the first 30 days!
• Saving you money by not needing any equipment such as fax machine, ink cartridges/toner or paper.

After naming just a few features and benefits about fax87.com’s service that have assisted me in my business, I’m sure you are starting to see why it is a top notch faxing service for you or your business. I have found it extremely convenient and easy to use. It leaves out the headaches and frustrations that occur with every day fax machines. You will never miss the paper jamming in the machine, the countless errors or any busy phone lines; I sure don’t.

I almost forgot about the pricing or lack of for what you get. Fax87.com has 3 plans that will fit any budget in these hard economic times. For as little as $4.99, you can enjoy all the perks with this faxing service powerhouse.

Now as if there was a best part after reading this review so far, it does get better. I’m about to explain to you how you can try this service for free, yes free, and clear any doubts that you may have. For a limited time, you can actually use this service for 15 days absolutely free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In closing, I would like to thank you in reading my review. I was so excited to find a user friendly service like this, that I wanted to make my own review.

Written by Damien Karl.

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