MetroFax Now Supports 10 Email Addresses

MetroFax users can now associate up to 10 email addresses with their fax number at no additional charge. This means that a MetroFax customer can use as many as 10 email accounts in order to send and receive faxes.
Prior to this update, MetroFax charged each of its users $2 per month for each email address. Please note that MetroFax charges $2 per month for each additional email address added to the account after the first 10. Therefore if you need to associate more than 10 email accounts with one fax number, you may want to consider another online fax solution. If not – this offer by MetroFax is beneficial for small businesses and individual fax users.

If you wish to learn more about MetroFax’s online fax services, please visit the FaxCritics web page dedicated to MetroFax.

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