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MyFax is one of the leading providers of the online fax services for individuals and businesses who are in need of a cheap service that offers good features. MyFax’s most popular plan is their 300 page plan is their 300 page plan, which comes with 200 outgoing and 100 incoming free pages per month. This plan is priced at $10 per month or it can be purchased for the entire year at $110 each year. MyFax offers a 30 days free trail.

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MyFax Features

Scince MyFax never locks their users into contracts, users have flexibility along with peace of mind. MyFax offers all the standard virtual fax features along with an easy to use online control panel. MyFax users have the option to choose a local or tool free number with the service. While the majority of virtual fax providers store faxes for only 30 days, MyFax’s one-year storage capability is impressive. Here’s a list of features that comes with MyFax at no additional charge:

  • Support of 178 file formats; including Microsoft Outlook and Word.
  • Send faxes from up to 5 email addresses.
  • Free local or toll-free number with service.
  • Automatically resend faxes that didn’t go through successfully.
  • Impressive spam faxing control.
  • Online account management control panel.
  • Free setup. No contracts. 30 day free trial.
  • Unlimited¬†online fax storage.
  • Fax to over 40 countries at no additional charge.

MyFax Customer Service

Our experience with MyFax’s customer service department service department has been positive. We have also received detailed feedback from many MyFax users that feel the same way. MyFax’s customers service department consistently displays a strong knowledge and understanding of MyFax’s services. Coupling the useful customer service seliverd by MyFax with their easy to use online control panel, MyFax is a simple service to use. MyFax offers telephone support via their toll-free number, chat support as well as email support. If you ever have a question or issues, its essay to get in touch with MyFax.

MyFax Pricing

The monthly price of online faxing service is so attractive that thousands of people switch from landline faxing services to virtual solutions everyday. People can save up to 80% each month by switching to an Internet fax service. MyFax is not the cheapest fax service provider but very competitive and a great value. For $10 per month, users can send and receive 300 faxes as well store the massages for one year. Another bonus that is unique to MyFax is that they allow users faxes to over 40 conntries at no additional charge.

As a MyFax user you must be careful of how many faxes you send each month since MyFax charges 10 cents for every additional page after your monthly limit.

Price Per Page Free Trial Included Pages Users Fax Number
3 Cents 30 Days 500 / Monthly 6 Included

My Fax Summary

MyFax offers three Internet faxing plans to meet the needs of professionals and small businesses. MyFax offers an impressive set of feature and all their services come with no contracts or hidden fees. Getting started with a new fax number is simple and MyFax offers great guidance to help users establish service.

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