MyFax Stores Your Faxes For One Year

MyFax is a popular online fax service for small business and professionals looking to ditch their traditional fax machine and go 100% digital.
Online fax service providers like MyFax give their users an Internet-based control panel that allows users to view, send, and receive faxes. While it is very popular to configure your virtual faxes to come into your email box, some online fax users prefer to have a history of their faxes kept in a safe and secure control panel. Fortunately, companies like MyFax store faxes in their users control panel for one year. Yes, one entire year! This means that although your faxes will be stored in your email inbox (as long as you don’t delete the messages), you can have peace of mind knowing that your faxes are kept in a secure area for one year.
We should point out that the storage space offered by MyFax far exceeds the levels offered by many other online fax service providers. Companies like MetroFax and RIngCentral only offer 30 days of storage space, which in some cases can be problematic since it is critical for some people to have their fax messages stored for longer periods.

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