Nextiva Fax Adapter

Online fax services utilize the Internet rather than solely relying on traditional analog lines in order to transmit faxes. Since online fax technology works similarly to email, people can send and receive faxes from their cell phone. You no longer need to be stuck to your fax machine waiting for a fax to come in or be concerned whether or not you have enough ink to receive your next fax. Virtual faxes are now delivered to your email boxes and therefore don’t use any ink.

Online faxing comes with many convenient features ultimately making life for regular fax users easier. The days of being worried about paper, printer ink cartridges, security, privacy, paper jams, and a ton of other issues are gone. Additionally, faxing via email or a cell phone is super helpful in those crunch time situations where you need to send or receive a last minute fax. While most people can check their emails from any location, checking a “traditionally received” fax can only be done if you are physically located near your fax machine.

BUT – Even with online fax having so many great benefits, there are still people in the world that wish to use their fax machine. No question that all of us at are online fax junkies. We live and breathe online fax technology. Not only do we think it’s cool and the way faxing should be done, but online fax services are cheaper and more convenient. With all that said, Nextiva has developed the ideal solution to bring the old word and new world together. The Nextiva fax adapter costs $150 and is a ground breaking technology since it allows Nextiva’s online fax service clients to send and receive faxes via their traditional fax machine. Therefore if your office consists of some people that like to use an online fax system and other people that like to use an old school fax machine, you can keep everyone happy with Nextiva. The Nextiva fax adapter has been thoroughly tested by a number of the fax junkies at therefore we can say that it is a safe and good solution to utilize for people that need to use a fax machine. Since Nextiva is the only online fax service provider that offers the fax bridge adapter, we have not come across any price discounts or special offers on the fax bridge adapter.

We should point out that all of Nextiva’s services come with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. So if you signup for Nextiva’s online fax service and purchase the fax bridge adapter but are not happy with the service, you can return the adapter for a refund within the first 30 days of joining.

If you are considering joining Nextiva’s service, but aren’t sure if Nextiva’s the right choice for your online faxing needs – we recommend you check out our Nextiva review and if you like what you see – Give their free trial fax service a shot.

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