Nextiva Fax Service Reviews

Nextiva is an online fax, business voip, and unified communications service provider that focuses on delivering affordable solutions to small businesses. As you may be aware, FaxCritics is a website committed to providing current and helpful information on the leading online fax to email service providers. Unfortunately at the time of writing this post we do not have extensive experience with Nextiva’s business voice over IP phone systems, therefore we can only speak on the quality of service associated with Nextiva’s vFAX service.

Nextiva has established a great reputation across the Internet as a provider with great technology, low prices, and consistently impressive customer service. We have reviewed and tested Nextiva’s vFAX service for over year and when we regard Nextiva among other online fax companies, we think their service is stellar. Nextiva has garnered countless awards from independent third-party web sites and have hundreds (if not thousands) of positive reviews on the quality of their fax service.

Reviews help people obtain a better understanding of how a provider delivers its service. Not all reviews are accurate and at the end of the day, the best way to understand if a provider is a good company or not is by actually using them. Fortunately, Nextiva offers a 30 day free trial of it’s online fax service that includes 500 pages per month. So rather than taking our word (or the word of the countless other Nextiva fax service reviews on the Internet), give Nextiva’s fax service a try. In order to learn more about Nextiva and it’s online fax product, please visit our Nextiva Fax Review.

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