Nextiva Lowers Fax Prices

Nextiva is one of the leading providers of online fax services for personal and business use. Since we began evaluating Nextiva’s vFAX online faxing services in 2009 we have been impressed by the technology and customer service delivered. Nextiva vFAX is not only reliable but affordable.
Since mid-2009, Nextiva has been offering its vFAX 500 plan (the company’s most popular online fax solution) for the price of $9.95 monthly or $6.95 paid annually. Both vFAX 500 payment plans included a 30 day free trial. Well – Nextiva has given the Internet good news. Nextiva has lowered it’s vFAX 500 prices to $8.95 paid monthly and $4.95 annually. For those who can’t do the math $4.95 paid annually comes out to $59.40.
At we have witnessed Nextiva’s online fax growth, largely in the form of positive feedback from our website visitors. This drop in price by Nextiva is unexpected and we can see the new rates having a positive impact on Nextiva’s online fax sales. While companies like Verizon, Cox, Qwest, AT&T, and many other traditional land line companies charge high amounts for monthly fax services. Virtual fax companies like Nextiva are helping consumers with great alternatives.
The new Nextiva vFAX 500 prices are welcomed by FaxCritics and online fax users.
Visit Nextiva’s vFAX website in order to learn more about Nextiva Fax. Or if you wish to learn more about online fax services and compare Nextiva with other online fax service providers, please visit the FaxCritics Online Fax Comparison.

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