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Business VoIP Service by Nextiva

Best VoIP Service Provider View & Grade: A
Nextiva has established itself as a leader and innovator in the highly competitive VoIP industry. For years now, Nextiva has delivered reliable call quality coupled with an impressive set of features that continues to get better. Comparing the years of experience between providers like AT&T, Verizon and Nextiva would not be a fair comparison. This is largely due to the infancy of VoIP technology.
While many phone service providers deliver services to businesses, residences, and enterprises; Nextiva primarily delivers phone service to small business, allows the company to focus on one (albeit general) type of client. Additionally, Nextiva does not have contracts or termination fees. A concept embraced by traditional phone providers, Nextiva has abandoned nickel and diming their business users.

Reputation: Nextiva is no mom and pop shop selling phone service. Online, Nextiva has an impressive reputation and track-record as a leading provider of communication services for small businesses. Based on conversations with Nextiva’s service department, we have an understanding that the majority of Nextiva’s clients are small businesses with approximately 15 employees or less. Reviews on websites like Which, VoIP, Next Advisor, Rate It All and many others, place Nextiva with the highest regard. Consistent 5 star reviews are the norm since the companies inception, a rarity for phone companies. With many satisfied clients writing positive reviews, it’s clear Nextiva has a great reputation for what they do.

Services and Features: We all don’t like dealing with outsourced representatives. Luckily, Nextiva does not outsource and the company is located in the United States. All calls we have made to Nextiva have resulted in conversations with representatives from their company headquarters in Arizona. The setup process with Nextiva was simple. We purchased four Polycom phones to test, the Polycom 550 model. They were delivered to us after two days of joining and we selected ground shipping as the method. Nextiva ships via UPS and in order to get setup and started they sent us guides. While their tools for getting setup is helpful, we prefer to speak with people and have our hands-held in getting setup. Therefore, I spoke with Nextiva’s customer service department for approximately 30 minutes. They helped me setup our auto-attendant, music-on-hold, voicemail boxes, extensions, fax service, and all the phones. Business VoIP is different from residential VoIP service in many areas, particularly in features. Businesses operating on a residential phone system may not experience the level of reliability, call quality, and features a business deserves. For businesses, particularly small businesses, looking for a phone service provider. Nextiva should be considered.

Included Features for $34.95 per month (Unlimited Calling. Nextiva Office 1 Line Plan):

· Local Number
· Toll Free Numbers
· Unlimited Calling
· Online Fax
· Local Number Portability
· Web Portal Interface
· 911 Service
· Caller ID
· Call Forwarding
· Call Hold
· Call Transfer
· Three-Way Calling
· Call Waiting
· Do Not Disturb
· Call Logs
· Voicemail Greeting Options
· Voicemail to Email
· Remote Voicemail Access
· Visual Voicemail Waiting Indicator
· Day and Night Mode Schedule
· Dial-by-Name Directory
· Multi Layered Auto-Attendants
· Import greetings
· Cell phone integration
· Softphone Support
· Find Me
· Follow Me
· Music on Hold

System Requirements: Your experience with VoIP service is only as good as your Internet connection. For example, if your business has a poor Internet connection, you can’t expect to have a good experience with VoIP. Higher speeds of Internet connectivity are recommended, just to be safe. Each phone will require a minimum of 80 kbps, however the more the better. A cable connection, T1, or fiber should be sufficient for the standard small business VoIP Customer. Last but not lease, a VoIP-friendly router with QOS (quality of service) support is highly recommended.

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