Online Fax with Android Phone

Use of Android mobile phones continue to skyrocket. While the growth of the iPhone has been revolutionary, in 2011 Android usage officially passed iOS’ numbers. RIM (the makers of the once popular blackberry) is now at a distant third. As usage and popularity of the Android technology continues to increase, we find that mobile fax users need a cell phone that gets the job done.
Fortunately the technology behind online faxing enables users to send and receive faxes via email. Many Android phones (nearly all) come with an email application and the functionality to communicate with electronic mail. Therefore using an online fax service, coupled with an Android phone is a perfect match.
Sending faxes with a cell phone (such as an Android) increases productivity and continues to be a great reason why faxes should only be sent electronically.
At FaxCritics we offer a comparison table listing the top online fax providers.

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