RingCentral Internet Fax: Poor Customer Service

The review team here at FaxCritics.com is addicted to fax technology. We fax everyday and constantly evaluate the value delivered by each of the top Internet fax service providers. If you visit the FaxCritics.com comparison chart you will notice that we compare five of the leading Internet fax providers. Even though there is no such thing as the “perfect” service provider or one provider that we would recommend for all people, we feel that the providers listed on our comparison chart can meet the needs of many people. One provider that we have listed in our comparison chart, is RingCentral.com. RingCentral is a small business communications provider located in San Mateo, California and they operate a customer service call-center outside the United States. If you would like to read our detailed review of RingCentral’s fax service, please click here. Since we first started monitoring RingCentral, we’ve been highly impressed by their pricing and technology. We have not experienced many technical issues with RingCentrals service, although in the cases that have run into challenges, their technical support has been anything but helpful in resolving our issues. At FaxCritics.com we don’t endorse any providers or feel that there is one provider that can meet the needs of all people. Rather we enjoy sharing our experiences with our readers in order to make the buying process and finding your next Internet fax provider simple.

At FaxCritics.com, we look for consistency. It means nothing to us if a provider offers great customer service 7 out of 10 times. We expect Internet fax service providers to offer 10 out of 10 customer centric support at all times. Unfortunately our last experience with RingCentral was not impressive nor can we consider it to be customer centric. After waiting on hold for over 16 minutes on March 20, 2010 the telephone support representative was not able to guide us in sending faxes via Microsoft Office applications. Even though RingCentral’s help center does offer helpful guides and information on how to use the service, we feel the lack of interest and knowledge presented by the customer service representative at RingCentral was disappointing and until next time, we cannot regard RingCentral as one of the better Internet fax providers when it comes to level of customer service delivered.

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