RingCentral Review: March 29, 2010 Severe Outage

We received an update from RingCentral regarding their service outage on March 29, 2010. This was RingCentral’s second major outage in less than one month and this issue has raised many red flags for us at FaxCritics.com. As a small business communications provider, consistent outages and service issues are never good.Since there are so many businesses that rely on RingCentral to communicate, we hope that these outages decrease in the future and that if they do occur, they are only for a few minutes rather than for hours.RingCentral was fully down for approximately 3 hours on March 29, 2010. RingCentral customers were unable to call in to RingCentral’s telephone support line in order to receive help. According to the update from RingCentral, their entire service platform is up and running and users should not be experiencing any issues. If your RingCentral account is experiencing problems, please call or email RingCentral.

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