RingCentral System Outage: September 15, 2010

Yesterday, September 15, 2010 – RingCentral experienced a system wide outage. All of their services were down for a number of hours and we received many reports of people have challenges reaching RingCentral’s customer service department. RingCentral has had multiple service outages in 2010 and this was not their first major outage this month. RingCentral users are becoming used to the idea of outages or issues and as we mentioned on March 29, 2010 – we recommend RingCentral users contact RingCentral via email or phone to receive more information on the status of their service.
Click here in order to read more about the severe RingCentral outage that occurred on March 29, 2010. We understand that thousands of businesses rely on RingCentral’s reliability of service in order to keep their business running. At FaxCritics we have received a large number of emails from RingCentral users mentioning they can’t login to their RingCentral accounts either. We do hope that in the future the number of RingCentral outages, customers impacted, and RingCentral problems – complaints will decrease.

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