Say Bye Bye To Fax Busy Signals

Anyone that has ever used a fax machine at least a few times has probably experienced a busy signal when attempting to send a fax. Busy signals are never fun and require the sender to repeat the sending process (on some occasions, multiple times) until the fax successfully transmits. This is not only a time consuming task, it’s annoying and simply inefficient. Not only is using a fax machine outdated and boring, it’s the year 2010, people have more important things to do other than sitting next to a fax machine for hours working to successfully transmit a fax.
Fortunately with online fax to email services people no longer have to worry about busy signals they send faxes. That is because when you use an online fax service (such as any of the five providers listed at if a virtual fax you send experiences a busy signal from the other end, the online fax service provider automatically resends the fax until it successfully delivers. Therefore the days of spending hours (or even days) waiting for the fax line on the other end to open up are long gone, thanks to online fax services. Online fax providers now do all the work for you when it comes to experiencing busy signals on the end.

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