Still Use Your Fax Machine With Online Fax Service

If you are considering switching to a new online fax provider, there are many great options out there. At FaxCritics we regularly analyze the leading internet fax to email services and provide our web site visitors with recommendations. Clearly some online fax providers are better than others, therefore we have developed a fax provider comparison chart in order to give you a detailed look at which service provider may be the best for your needs.
There is no question that the benefits of an online fax service outweigh the benefits of sticking to a landline (legacy) fax service. Although one popular reason that is keeping businesses and individuals with their local fax service provider is the fact that online fax services don’t allow people to send or receive faxes via a fax machine. Online fax services are easy to use and allow people to fax virtually using the Internet.
Due to the fact that some people continue to fax using a fax machine, Nextiva vFAX engineered the ability for people to use their online fax service while being able to send faxes using a fax machine. YES! This means that if for whatever reason you need to fax using a fax machine, you can still do so and still have an online fax service.
Nextiva has recently released their Nextiva vFAX adapter, a piece of hardware thats plugs into an Internet connection and your fax machine and as Nextiva says “viola!”. Based on our research at FaxCritics, Nextiva is one of the only online fax service providers on the market that supports this technology and allows their users to send faxes virtually as well as via a fax machine.
We should note that even thought the Nextiva vFAX adapter is a great and revolutionary technology, it is still expensive (relative to the price of virtual fax services). The Nextiva vFAX adapter costs $150 (before the price of shipping and tax).
At FaxCritics we regularly tout that one of the many beauties of online faxing is the fax that people can now get rid of their fax machines and therefore no longer worry about paper jams, busy signals, missed faxes, lack of ink cartridges and much more. But there are still people out there that are not ready to make the switch because they prefer using their fax machine. Nextiva vFAX makes it possible to keep your fax machine and reap the benefits of online faxing. To learn more about this, please visit or call them at 888-320-4995.

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