Understand Your Fax Needs Before Buying

In order to have the best experience possible with your next Internet fax service, we recommend you understand your email to fax needs. In no way do we expect you to fully analyze and understand what you’re looking for, although an estimate would be great. For starters, assess how many faxes you plan on receiving each month, make sure to be generous because you never know what could happen. Once you’ve analyzed your incoming fax usage, try to get an understanding of how many pages you plan on sending each month (once again, be generous). After you’ve calculated how many fax pages you plan on sending and receiving each month, try to determine the number of users you’ll need. If you are not familiar with what a “user” is, a user is an email account or employee that will be authorized to send and receive faxes. So, once you’ve gotten a grasp on the number of fax pages you’ll be needing as well as user accounts, decide whether you will be sending faxes via email, your mobile phone, an online interface, or Microsoft Office applications. It’s important to know how you plan utilizing your Internet fax service, largely because not all providers have the same features and applications for management.

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