Looking for an Internet Fax Provider?

We have reviewed and continue to monitor nearly every Internet fax provider on the market. At FaxCritics.com we rank providers based on tiers. All the providers visible on our web site are considered to be first tier (our highest level) online fax service providers. Every provider is not the same. Some are clearly better than others and there is no such thing as “the perfect online fax provider”. When searching for a new provider you should make sure that the companies meet the following criteria. If a provider does not meet or offer one of these points, we recommend you stay away.

30 day free trial (This should be unconditional, allowing you to cancel service at anytime)

No fees to join (or setup fees)

The provider should offer a plan starting around $14.95 per month (or less)

200 total fax pages each month

7 cents per minute for overage pages (hopefully it is less than this)

No hidden fees or service contracts

Quality customer service with low on-hold times (preferably chat and email support as well)

The ability to send and receive via email (this one is a no brainer)

Don’t select a fax provider only because you think they have a nice web site or “look good”. Use independent reviews and comparison charts in order to find the best online fax to email provider.

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